Are you guys playing Dragon City game on your Android or IOS mobile phone? Oh, of course yes, because you come here to know something about the Dragon City game. Are you bored of collecting gems, coins, fruits and other demandable resources to bud your dragon? Need Free Foods, Gems, Golds points without performing any hectic task or waiting anymore while playing Dragon City?  We will help you with dragon city mod apk. If you don’t know much about Dragon city, then it is a game developed by  ‘Social point.’ This game has been introduced in both IOS and android version. It is one of the games in which the players will bud, train and create their own dragons. In this game, you will bud, prepare your dragon in a little floating island, produce there its distinctive and later the largest form.


 After a solid base, one can introduce his dragon for different fights with other available dragons of other players, as it is an online & multiplayer game. So the basis of this game is to create a dragon city, pick baby dragon collect gems, golds, points and make them giant and fight with other available players. But there are many limitations of this game; you have to wait for minutes and hours to ripe up your grown fruits, to get a life and many more things. But now the hectic wait is over. You may read numerous article on the internet about the dragon city mod apk or dragon city cheat, but those hacks will not quite stand on your expectations, while our dragon city hack apk provides you with all the features unlocked and ready to go. Every bit of this dragon city modded apk is checked and verified.


Well, in the previous paragraph we told you that we would provide you with a secret and tested APK that can help you to get UNLIMITED features of Dragon City. You can download the Dragon City mod from the link given below, as we stated earlier, this mod works with completely  genuine resources so you will get everything unlocked. You can train whichever dragon you like, and you can transform your cute baby dragon into a beast. So the primary motive of this mod is to help you guys get all the resources of the game without waiting endlessly with help of the dragon city hack apk.




Yes, hacking Dragon City Game is possible but once patched. Are you Looking for the Dragon city Mod APK v5.1 or latest version 5 Download? Every dragon city game lover searches for the same. In the mod version you will not only get the features to make unlimited golds and fruits, but also you will get to breed ten types of dragons which include Electric Dragon,  Flame Dragon, Sea Dragon, Dark Dragon, Nature Dragon, Ice Dragon,  Legend Dragon Metal Dragon, Terra Dragon,  and Pure dragon etc.


To use this Dragon City hack, you will have to uninstall the original game and then download the mod from the link given below and install it. You will not lose the previous game data as you can log in to Facebook again to retrieve your data. We will provide installation instructions later in the article. Once installed, you will just have to open the game, and you are good to go. You might be thinking why would anyone play this mod; then the answer is in this mod you will get everything for free and UNLIMITED, you can get unlimited coc gems, coins, fruits and can easily visit your nearest players island. You can always revert back to the original game whenever you are bored of the mod. Although everything is unlocked, testing and exploring every bit of the game can be a lot of fun.




  • Wanted to play the best Dragon City ultimate and modified island out there? Then bingo you are at the right place. The Mod of Dragon City applications allows you to unlock every single feature of your Dragon island game.
  • An anonymous developer group patches the mod we are providing, and this is an unlimited mod that gives you everything unlocked + unlimited resources, means Unlimited coins, fruits, island & unlocked dragon stages from Baby to beast.
  • When you play the game, you will notice that there are some extra bits & features added to the game. Those features help you to crack the game easily.
  • As stated earlier, no hustle for gems, fruits, coins & other helpful resources as you get unlimited gems as icing on the cake, you also get everything unlocked from the beginning.
  • Like the original game, here to you can join a fight with other available members and beat your enemy with your trained dragon beast and win coins and gems.
  • Fully upgraded Dragons, yes you heard it right, you can transform your Dragon from a baby to a beast in an instant.
  • We are continuously upgrading the server of our Modified APK so that it can hold more and more no. of players for your enjoyment in the multiplayer battles on the island with the dragons. After all, what is the use of all these powers if you have no base to destroy.



  • Collect & Complete the Dragon Book! In this game, there are more than five hundred dragons to breed and collect.
  • Each of your new dragons is a part of the sport each week, through the breeding events and individual islands.
  • You can fight with the available Dragon master in incredible PvP Arenas to get some more golds and climb up the leaderboard with your dominating win.
  • You can challenge yourself at the Dragon Tournaments.
  • Build a pretty town of fantasy for alternative players to envision once they visit you!
  • Be social: you’ll facilitate your friends and visit them and send them gifts.
  • Unlock many exciting features like Ancient World and therefore the Guardian Dragons.
  • You can celebrate your vacation in Dragon City with cool features.
  • The Illusion Island has new limited-time ways that may take you to Associate in nursing exclusive dragon.
  • Get the new and unusual thief Dragon on an all-new Tower Island!


  • The first thing you have to do is to download and transer the apk file of Dragon City game on your phone. You can even download the APK file from the given link on your personal system or laptop computer; then you can transfer that APK file on your smartphone using USB cable or any file sharing method. Once the apk file is in your phone, click on the install. Sometimes the installation process might not start immediately.  Let’s check. What is the issue.
  • It’s maybe the security attribute or command to your phone’s setting which may be blocking or preventing the installation process from an unknown source. So, in this case, you need to do some changes in the settings of your device to make it installable.
  • So for the installation issue, you need to change phone settings. For changing the phone settings,  you’ll have to open the settings option and search for ‘Lock screen and security’ and click on that option. Out of those, change the settings and look at the choice of Unknown sources and then select on the  modify the installation from the 3rd party or from the ‘unknown sources’.
  • After selecting Unknown source an additional popup will require your permission whether or not you wish to use this setting for all 3rd party application installation. Allow it.
  • Now open the downloaded  Dragon City mod apk file from the file manager from your device, if you don’t have one then you can download any 3rd party file manager application available on app stores, or just you can get the file from the download history.
  • Once you get the APK file, open the file and click on install in the popup menu directly, then the installation process will be started automatically.
  • Now, go ahead to the application installation method to complete the installation process. It will take only a few seconds for the process to complete. Your screen will show the installed completed and the file installed.
  • Now, once more go the downloads list and find the obb file (.zip). Now using any ZIP extractor extract ZIP file contains the APK. Ater this enjoy the premium UNLIMITED Gems in Dragon City modded APK.




Q – Is it mandatory to delete the existing version of Dragon city to install the mod version?

A – yes, it is mandatory to uninstall the existing version of the game, to install the mod one as there are many developments done in the mod version which are not available in the original game.


Q – How can I get back the achievements, after uninstalling the game in order to download mod one?

A – There is a feature to connect your game with Facebook, it will help you to retrieve your achievements.


Q – Is there any issues or bug in the mod version of the Dragon City?

A – There are no issues in the mod version; if we find any bug, we will fix it out and give you new and latest mod in future.


Q – Is the modded version of APK provides unlimited resources?

A – As we already mentioned, yes it provides unlimited resources to the player.


Q – Is there any way to only hack gems of dragon city game without downloading mod version?

A – There was a way in which you can add gems, Golds, fruits directly from the server, but most of them didn’t work well. But the modded version APK provided by us works well and tested.


As it is a mod of original application, maybe the game might not work properly each time but you need not worry as this is common in mod versions. Other than this bug, there is no issue at all, and maybe by the time you visit here, this bug might be fixed already. Just download the mod from the link below and feel like the best player in the world. If the link provided below gets terminated, just let us know, and we will make sure to update it.




Get the Dragon City ULTIMATE and UNLIMITED mod apk here: –


Keep visiting the site to get the latest update for the Dragon City ultimate hack mod.



So this was all about the mod version of the Dragon City game which is an extremely popular multiplayer online game which is known for its cool graphics and multilevel strategy based competitions. This game is loved by millions of fans and you can now play it without any hassles as we have provided you with the ultimate hack for unlocking all the features of this powerful game. You can also ask your friends to download the mod from our website so that they can also join you in the battle of the champions where only one winner will take it all. Make sure that you share your views and opinions about this mod with us so that we can make it even better for the players as our ultimate goal is to provide unlimited fun and entertainment to our users.


Hope we are able to provide every unique information about your search queries. Playing a mod version of APK is very easy, just need to download the modded apk version and start playing, but you need to know the essential facts and information about the mod, like, how to use? How to get countless lives and so on. There is no bug, don’t worry the impressive features added to the ultimate mod of Dragon City will blow your mind. We hope that you found our article helpful. If yes do visit again for more latest updates and information.




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